Plastic technology

We produce your plastic product.

We are your reliable partner:
  • Production with 7 injection molding machines of the quality brand Arburg
  • 30 years of experience in the production of plastic products in combination with ceramics for well-known brand manufacturers ('private label') and own brand
  • Our success: Material from Germany - Production in CZ

Your idea becomes a ready-for-sale product!

Tampon printing

In tampon printing, the printing ink is transferred from a printing form to the printing substrate via an elastic pad. For plastic parts, this printing process is suitable, for example, to print your brand name on the product.

Advantages of tampon pressure:
  • Tampon fit to eroded or polished surfaces
  • Tampon pressure adheres to eroded or polished surfaces
  • We use either long-lasting steel or more favorable plastic plates, optimized according to the calculated number of pieces
Our tip: Optimal printing results immediately after producing on the hot part.

Product assembly

Manual product assembly
Not every product can be manufactured completely automatically with a reasonable effort. Particularly in the case of small numbers, complex or sensitive products, manual assembly is often not necessary.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the assembly of small parts, breakers and high-quality surfaces as well as scratch-sensitive products.

From product development to delivery you are accompanied by our experienced employees. This allows you to minimize production times and reduce costs.


Here you can learn how a product for worldwide sales is being produced at our production site in Hradec Králové:

Product coding

Today, encodings of any kind are indispensable for the identification and tracking of your product. We encode your products, packaging and pallets according to your specifications.

Product protection

We have more than 30 years of experience in the packaging of breakers, high-quality surfaces, as well as scratch-sensitive products.


We assemble your bulk goods into ready-for-sale products for the retail sector.

Manual assembly

We offer you optimized manual assembly.
Your advantage: Each of your products goes through a further quality test.


You hav an idea fo a product?
With us as you partner you get a ready-to-sale product!
Yes, we speak german and english.

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All our products are produced at in Hradec Králové(CZ) in European Union.


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